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   A native of Wilson, NC where he still resides, Jerry took up art a very early age, often times drawing on everything from the backs of the drywall being installed in his grandfather's house, his grandfather's barn, his garage, and even his outhouse. The underneath side of chairs, tables and most any other thing Jerry could crawl under and draw on were not spared his need to create art.  He grew up admiring the works of Norman Rockwell and several other well known and respected artists of that era and sought to emulate.
   Jerry spent most of his growing up years in the Hampton, Virginia area where daily life was tied to the ever present Chesapeake Bay and surrounding tidewater. In 1960 he joined the United States Marine Corps out of high school. After that his abilities led him to a career in advertising with one of the nations largest department store chains and the Washington, DC area where he would expand his talents.
In 1978, Jerry moved back to Wilson, NC and began to operate his own sign-graphics business for the next twenty-two years. When an acquaintance asked him to paint a series of lighthouses for a special project,  the interest nearly everyone had in these mysterious and fascinating symbols of safe haven became apparent. 
   Now the desire to capture these beacons as fine art in his own style and interpretation burned even stronger. Since then,  Jerry has painted dozens of lighthouses and even more coastal works to which he is drawn. Jerry works in oils, water colors, and acrylics letting the subject dictate the medium. He has collected an array of awards and spent a number of years teaching art in his studio, workshops, and the local community college.

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