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"An artist needs to learn how to see the subject they are creating.  Look past the subject and get down to the pieces parts that make up the subject as a whole."
"When I used to hunt and fish I'd only see the animal.  As I grew as an artist I learned to see each feather, scale and flow of the hair."


Jerry grew up in the Northwest where he began to develop his keen eye for wildlife and love of nature.  Days spent fishing, hunting, hiking, and caring for a variety of animals on his family's farm filled his days, while his nights were spent painting and exploring his growing affinity for art.  The knowledge and sensitivity gained during this time would become the hallmarks of his realistic, highly detailed Fine Art Bird Sculptures. 
In 1993, Jerry found woodcarving to be the perfect medium to express his artistic talents.  He was drawn toward bird and fish sculptures, and deep down he knew this medium would be most rewarding, allowing him the ability to turn his love of wildlife into an art form.  Soon after finishing his first carved bird, Jerry entered his work in the Boise Woodcarvers Show in 1994 where he took top honors in his division.  Since his first competition in 1994, Jerry Simchuk has competed regularly at top-level bird carving shows around the country, including the Ward World Championships.  He has received numerous high level awards for his wildfowl and fish carvings, and his work has been selected to appear on the cover of Wildfowl Carving Magazine in 2007, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2020.  As one of this nation's most respected and premier wildlife artists, Jerry Simchuk has been invited to judge many prestigious shows, including the Ward World Championships since 2004.  With his passion for creating realistic bird sculptures in both wood and bronze, Jerry continues to share his knowledge and skill with others, offering seminars, classes and writing articles.  Jerry finds it very rewarding to know he is helping others grow in their passion for this art form.
Jerry currently resides in Spokane Valley, Washington with his wife Jean where he continues to build his reputation as a full time wildlife artist, master sculptor, judge, and instructor.
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