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I love it!  My greatest creative outlet is photography, since it preserves a visual legacy of my travels and the things that interest me.  Light is the most important element in my creative arsenal--and often dictates the  time to capture a subject-- be it early morning, late evening or at night.

Image composition plays an important role in my work and I look for elements of symmetry, balance, line and form.  Perspective is critical to my work, since it often portrays a subject from a certain vantage point--lending to a mood, a feeling or sense of prescience.

Clarity and resolution in my photographs are two of my "technical" goals, particularly  important when printing large images.  I use a tripod and good optics to capture the highest image resolution for my work.  This is an essential "first step" for all photographers, especially when the end product is sold to the public.  Film development I leave to a professional lab that can provide consistent results and meet my expectations.

Using a variety of fine-grained slide and print films,  I scan my images using a Nikon Coolscan® LS-8000 ED dedicated film scanner, digitizing my images for processing by computer.  [...]

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