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Jerry K. Farmer, World Class Artist and IllustratorJerry K. Farmer is a central Florida native who was born October 30, 1956 in Leesburg, Florida. At the tender age of five years old, Jerry began to creatively draw the things he discovered from a child's vantage point. Treasured toys and cartoon heroes were some of his favorite objects brought to life using a pencil and scraps of paper at his disposal. His very astute mother soon began to take notice of her son's God gifted talent, while taking every opportunity to encourage him to pursue his preferred pastime.Making certain her son's creative potential would reach its maximum peak, Mrs. Farmer employed a professional Czechoslovakian artist who was charged with developing and harnessing the skills of her twelve year old son. After a few lessons, Jerry quickly learned to paint landscapes using oils, and now the rest of this story is history.As time progressed, Jerry developed a great zeal for portraits. His passion for pictures, complemented by his artistic prowess, helped to catapult Jerry from the crowded shadows to standing alone up front on center stage. From this command performance stance, many doors opened to him and the freelance artist began to create masterful portraits, wall murals, and illustrations for children books. One such door was opened by Pasco High School in Dade City, Florida. The recent graduate was commissioned by his alma mater's Principal to paint a portrait of the school's mascot inside the gymnasium. The soft white walls were suddenly brought to life after the gigantic pirate was unveiled to faculty, students, and graduates. The world class artist has continued to elevate his skills as an artist, which has afforded him enormous popularity, awards, and accolades over recent years. As you stand in awe while admiring his parade of artistic creations, you [...]

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