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   The artist begins with a vision.  The inspiration that is the reason for the painting.  A brief moment, when the light falls just right on the barn, a child studies a rock, an apple slice prepared for a snack stirs the creative spirit.  The desire to share the experience carries the artist through the painting process.  I believe artists are romantics at heart.  And that the desire to be creative is a God given characteristic we have in common.  I can think of nothing finer than to share the things of beauty I've enjoyed with others through my paintings. 


Jerry Dame
American Painter
Jerry Dame looks at everything with the eye of an artist. Not to imagine a painting necessarily. But to see how the light falls on an object, or the shadow defines the shape. Looking just for the joy of seeing and appreciating what is in view.
“Beauty is everywhere. Not just pretty stuff, but genuine, breathtaking, beauty.” 
Why do you paint?
“I remember driving by one of the many fields in our area. It was November and the days were grey. The clouds parted for just a moment and let the sun light a few plants that are part of a windbreak. I would have missed it but I glanced to my left just in time to enjoy the scene. Then it was gone. That scene lifted the rest of my day. So I shared it by doing an oil painting. 
I realized this is why I paint... To share what has lifted me up.”

Subject matter
Jerry paints what interests him. As a kid it was surfing, old cars, boats, airplanes, landscapes. No one thing in particular but everything in general  was fair game. “It seems like almost all things have interesting qualities if you look for a bit”. “A painting done well draws attention to the beauty of the object”. So we see still life paintings and portraits on his easel as well as animals and the great outdoors. Recently a collector came to Jerry at a showing and wanted to by one painting in particular. It was a small still life of a bible and a folded letter. It was for her husband who had tears in his eyes the moment he saw it. “It touched me that this painting had special meaning for her husband”.
Recent quotes
“Just a few minutes of painting with understanding is better than a full day of [...]

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