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I am a landscape painter.  I suspect I will always find that to be my center, despite whatever stray tangents present themselves. I am especially drawn to the vast beauty of open spaces, big skies and rolling plains across western landscapes, particularly Texas.   It's exciting to find remnants of humanity captured in those scenes of derelict buildings and worn dirt roads.  They evoke an emotional sense of "searching" that always pulls at me.   
A turning point for me was a solo show I did for William Reaves Sarah Foltz Art Gallery in 2015.  Bill Reaves suggested I take on the project of returning to many of the places in Texas that Frank Reaugh painted during his lifetime.  Mr. Reaugh is considered one of the premier painters of the Texas longhorns and landscapes during the early years of Texas art. Trying to capture the scenes as they are today while doing it in my own way was daunting and fulfilling.  My respect for Mr. Reaugh was greatly deepened as well as a love for the places he painted.  It was an amazing journey for me which continues to inspire my work going forward.  
No matter the subject, examining what draws us to do a painting, or to have a painting, gives us clues to our own thoughts and desires. Whether that be through symbols, or finding the beauty in grand landscapes  or even the everyday scenes that surround us.   I am continually amazed when the viewing of my work triggers an emotional response in other people.   It reminds me that I am not just painting for myself but making a connection with others through a visual language.Biography
A native of Richmond, Virginia,  Jeri Salter has spent all of her adult life in Texas.   She has lived in Houston, McAllen and Dallas [...]

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