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  • Price Range: $3,800.00 - $3,800.00
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Jennifer Williams is an Australian born contemporary oil painter residing in Westport, Connecticut.  Her paintings are lively expressions of landscapes, cities, figures and abstract themes.  Building on a long standing history that has led from ancient art and impressionism to the art of today, her paintings bring a sense of joy and light to the senses. Using gesture, line and form she communicates the majesty of our  landscapes as she perceives them, full of movement and light.  
Jennifer has way of mixing reality with a sense of fantasy. Upon entering her studio one is invited to become immersed in her work. She captures the mystical beauty of the city streets in the moonlight, the long cast of the shadows in lower Manhattan, the warm glow of the Paris Cafes and the glitz of Times Square.  Her technique of painting, texturing, glazing  and extracting on metal  enables the viewer to feel the energy and excitement of her landscapes. 
Her botanical paintings expertly capture the essence of free, uninhibited growth. In her compositions, recognizable plants mingle with botanical creations. Her vantage point sites the viewer directly within the midst of the plant-scape. Taking the perspective of an insect, one is surrounded by large, riotous flowers and intricate, uncontained vines that seem to spill beyond the edges of the canvas. There is tension and excitement in her compositions as she depicts the struggles and triumphs of plants as they contend for life. She is a close observer of nature’s rhythms, patterns and revelations. Her reverence for the unpredictable and sometimes violent states of the natural world informs her scenes.  
When not painting Jennifer owns and  operates a movement therapy studio to aid people with movement disorders.  She has discovered that – as with nature - the human body offers up secrets to those with the understanding, insight, [...]

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