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I enjoy creating still life and landscape paintings. I prefer painting directly from life, or on location, called "plein-air" painting. Painting outdoors brings a whole set of challenges like weather, bugs and lugging art equipment around. But, ultimately, I think it makes me a better painter. Also, I've learned how to simplify a complex landscape scene and make it "work" as a piece of art. My paintings improved tremendously once I began painting outdoors.
I have always loved drawing and painting and am primarily a self taught artist.  I probably should have gone to college for art but I squashed the love of art and went the "practical" route  and got degrees in psychology and nursing.  I've taken many workshops from nationally known artists and keep my skills up by regular plein air painting.
In 2019 I moved to Mt. Pleasant, SC and so far I'm really enjoying the local scenery. The marshes and the skies are beautiful and I hope to complete many more paintings of the low country landscape.
Please visit my Gallery page for list of galleries where you can find my work.
Thank you for looking at my work. Please contact me with any questions.
[email protected]
Cell: 585-469-4820

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