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Jenny is a native of Northern California who studied studio art at Brunel University, London England. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Design Studies from San Francisco State University and studied painting with some of the best master painters in California. Jenny has been painting and teaching Fine Art to teens and children for over 20 years. She is a member of the Women’s Caucus for Art, The American Impressionist Society, The El Dorado Hills Art Association and The California Art Club. 
Although I enjoy painting in the studio weekly, I consider myself a plein air painter. Living in California, I am surrounded by by mountains, rivers, lakes, wineries and the ocean. Although subject matter is abundant, and I am thankful for this, I still face many challenges when painting en plein air. There is the equipment challenge, chasing the forever fleeing sun, fighting with the elements (wind, rain, extreme cold and hot temperatures), wildlife, and being distracted by chatty onlookers.  Yet even with all these obstacles, I am still drawn to painting outdoors, because it allows me to connect with nature on an intimate level and gives me an excuse to go outdoors often.  
My goal when approaching a painting is never to copy the exactness of a scene, but to show my viewers it’s essence, capture what I am seeing and then translate it’s impression into a painting to share with others.  Since I spend a lot of time with family and kids, I have a readily supply of models around me. Only recently have I felt confident enough with my figure work to place figures into my landscapes... but if they would only hold still a little longer for me to draw!  Many of my rough sketches are made on location and then sometimes I will turn them [...]

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