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            Jenny M.L. Wantuch (artist signature JMLW) is an oil painter with a focus on urban and rural landscapes. Inspired by the complexity and beauty of life and nature and her own imagination, she enjoys exploring and her inner and outer world.  In her art, she seeks to find visual harmony and yet allowing a dynamic movement. Her goal is to create a strong visual impact by using contrasting elements and visually balance the composition using her gift for design and color.
Jenny was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. For many of her family members, self-expression was a natural part of life; whether playing a musical instrument, crafts, writing, storytelling, or painting. From an early age, she loved to draw, paint and create stories. Her family has for generations worked as farmers, and since the 1600’s lived in the area around Uppsala. During her childhood in Sweden, Jenny spent most of her summers at the farm. She developed a deep interest and appreciation for the beauty of nature. She learned to be creative, a necessity in a time and place when there was only one TV-channel. Early influences were her grandfather, a storyteller and draftsman, her aunt, a portrait sculptor and painter, and both her grandmothers whose talents for various crafts seemed to be endless.
Jenny moved to Northern California in 2001. When starting her master’s degree at UC Berkeley in Environmental Engineering in 2004, Jenny rediscovered her interest in visual arts, and decided to make a career change and commit to her childhood dream to become an artist. She has studied drawing, figure drawing and painting, as well as design, color theory and art history. Jenny holds a certificate in Multimedia Art & Technology from Cañada College in Redwood City, California.
Jenny is a full time artist, working from her [...]

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