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My paintings are all about color.  I get inspired by beautiful color and the freshness and beauty of flowers.   There is such incredible beauty and wonderful splendar in this world, unfortunately we sometimes just pass by without noticing it.  When I paint it takes me away on wonderful journeys, letting me forget of all that is opposite of beauty and peace.
I was born  and raised in Namibia, Africa. There I found my  love for art and started seeking as much information I could fInd.
I did workshops in Fine art, Advanced cloth design and dyeing, screen printing,  decorative art, painting murals, did faux art,  an then I found my love for oil painting after I painted with Mary Gibilisco,  and then did several workshops with Elizabeth Pruitt Robbins and Johnny Liliedahl.
I paint still lifes, portraits, buildings, and landscapes, but it always comes back to color.  Inspiration for painting comes from an inner feeling when seeing something,  I have to paint now or it will escape me forever.
My paintings were sold in Namibia at the House of Arts.  
Jenny's Place, Windhoek Gallery
Artworks Gallery Idaho
 Creston  professional framing and Artworks gallery
Creston Chamber of Commerce.
Kimberley Arts at Centre 64,  BC, Canada

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