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University of Washington, University of Wyoming, University of Calgary and GAGE Academy (in its previous incarnation as the Seattle Academy of Realist Art)
Served as member of board of Seattle Academy of Realist Art for 7 years.

School for International Training MAT Degree in Teaching

Civilizations are measured by their arts they leave behind. My dream is to provide people who desire it, the education to develop their creative abilities and express themselves through the arts. 
The Seattle Pike Place Market and the ferry boats were my favorite places while growing up in Seattle. I loved the colors, sounds, smells, and all the people doing interesting things. Little has changed. I’ve found markets from Greece to Thailand; and Malaysia to India.
Traveling and painting has been a great gift in my life. I have lived and taught in several universities and colleges in the United States, Canada, and Asia. I spent a wonderful year painting on the beaches and villages on the islands of Greece and in Cyprus. I painted everything – fishermen with boats, goats, and women on the ground sorting beans in the village square.
I’ve been greatly influenced by the works and friendship of the American painter and Zen Buddhist priest, Richard Kirsten Daiensai whose advice enabled me to spend my vacation and weekends painting in the temples of Japan with my daughter, Lorrie Elliott.
Jenny Elliott has three adult children and lives in Des Moines, Washington.

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