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Jennifer Wolfe grew up in rural Northwest Ohio, enjoying public school arts & crafts, but had few opportunities to experiment with different media. Her first exposure to real “Art” was on a high school field trip to see the El Greco exhibit at the the Toledo Museum of Art. It sparked a passion for art and art history that continues today.
In college, Jennifer was encouraged to study a practical business-related field, but took a few Art and Art History courses as electives. She spent the next twenty plus years searching for her career passion, trying fashion retailing, non-profit fundraising, insurance sales, and eventually training and instructional design. Each career change provided an opportunity to learn something new.
In 2000 she started taking metalsmithing classes with a friend at the Cultural Art Center in Columbus, Ohio and that rekindled her love of creating things with her hands. During a yearlong battle with cancer in 2002-2003, she took as many courses as her work and treatment schedule allowed so as to fill her days with what gave her the most joy... learning about art. She experimented with metalsmithing, jewelry making, weaving, ceramics, drawing and eventually painting.
Jennifer moved to Carmel, Indiana in 2010 to live closer to her fiancé and his children. She met two other budding artists and the three of them started taking classes together and then meeting at each other’s homes to practice what they learned.  They call it “The Carmel Painting Club” and they still get together once a week to paint and encourage each other. 
Jennifer is a full-time IT Training Manager and a part-time painter and art history enthusiast.  She is looking forward to retirement when she can spend less time in front of a computer and more time pursuing her passions… art and learning!

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