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Born in California, Jennifer Sampson is a plein air and studio oil painter who has lived all over the world. Her interest in art began at a young age (she enjoyed drawing Ninja Turtles), and then intensified in high school, when she won a scholarship to attend a summer art camp in Kerrville, Texas. After one year of college in a visual arts associates program, she decided her time was better spent working as a figure model and pursuing a residency at a Zen center, where she was surrounded by Japanese calligraphic art. A desire to be able to read the characters led her to take Chinese 101 at Syracuse University, and it spiraled from there.
Jennifer moved to Taiwan in 2007, initially planning to stay only a year, but wound up staying many years and finally finished a bachelor’s degree, in Chinese literature. Throughout her time on the island, she continued painting on gessoed paper taped to the wall of her room and eventually compiled her paintings into a collection that became part of her thesis. In 2015, she moved to Australia to obtain a master’s in translation and interpreting. On Saturdays, she attended a plein air class at the Julian Ashton School of Art, which whetted her appetite for the outdoor pastime.
After returning to the States in 2017, Jennifer took a job as a copy editor near the Adirondacks, where she remains for the time being, enjoying the quiet of the countryside and the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains.
Artist's Statement
For most of my adult life, I’ve painted urban landscapes, primarily in the studio, because I’ve found myself in urban environments. While I initially was drawn to subject matter with strong contrasts between shafts of sunlight and shadow, I find myself increasingly interested in the subtler shifts in tones on gray, [...]

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