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I was trained as an Illustrator at two great schools, but I have always had my foot in the door of Fine Art, painting commissioned works even in my early days as a self-taught artist, before attending art school.  So, after school and many years of Illustrating and teaching, I finally made the jump to painting full time in 2010.  My favorite things to paint are Water, People, and Places.  I have the privilege of living along the northern Lake Michigan coastline, and so in my waterscapes, I specialize in painting the many moods of our very picturesque Great Lake.  I particularly love to paint the reasons why so many people flock to our area, and I strive to capture them "in the very act" of enjoying this lovely place.   Whether choosing oil or watercolor to best suit the scene or subject, I love the discipline of switching over my thought process from one to the other, as I embrace the newest challenge on my easel.  I also love to paint portraits.  The challenge to describe a sure likeness and more - the very heart and personality behind it - is one of my highest goals in painting. 
Since I can be a bit of a technician in all aspects of painting, another goal of mine is to infuse my work with emotion through color and paint application.  I encourage myself to "keep it light" with brush strokes and to "think like an Impressionist" at strategic points, although I'm not often successful in this due to my obsession with refined/polished detail. However, I strive to obtain a balance that brings Life to my work.  
Growing up with an artistic mother, I was encouraged to draw and paint as a child, and was provided with the supplies I needed to experiment and develop [...]

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