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Even as a child growing up on the High Plains of Kansas I loved and appreciated nature.  The rolling wheat fields, distant horizons and spectacular sunsets enthralled me.  And I always loved to draw.  I was fortunate that my parents encouraged me, but perhaps not so fortunate that artist friends of theirs discouraged them from giving me art lessons.  In those Jackson Pollack days it was feared that creativity would be crushed by actually learning craftsmanship.
Nevertheless, I did study drawing, painting, design and art history in college, graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Environmental Design.
It was while working as an Interior Designer that I realized that I would rather make art than choose it for clients. Encouraged by my husband, I returned to the study of drawing and painting.
While the landscape of San Diego County, which has been my home for many years, is quite different from Kansas, it also features distant horizons, beautiful clouds, and gorgeous sunsets.
My love and appreciation of God's creation also extends to His creatures, those with four legs and well as those with two.  I love working from the model and painting portraits of people and pets.

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