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Sometimes less is more. Let the paint flow. Have fun!


Colorado contemporary artist Jennifer Godshalk is a self-taught artist who started painting in 2007, when she was a stay-at-home mom. Painting gave her a goal and a challenge – something to do for herself.  Each painting is an evolution, never stagnant.  Jennifer’s paintings drip alive with color, movement and energy. Layering oils in thick textures, her creations exude depths of emotion and exploration for the viewer. 
Much of Jennifer’s portfolio focuses on the “wild” in all creatures. Jennifer has a deep affinity for animals, as they embody innocence and purity of spirit. She is drawn to horses and bears, in particular, and bringing to life their raw strength and beauty with her brushstrokes.  Jennifer visits animal sanctuaries to observe wildlife. She has taken hikes in Yellowstone National Park to photograph grizzly bears. She previously owned horses, which her daughters would show and compete. These first-hand experiences infuse her artwork with an animal essence that is real yet abstract. 
Jennifer also enjoys painting beautiful women in unexpected, untraditional forms, where the beauty is not obvious. She makes them a bit noir and messy, evocative of the bit of darkness and messiness in all our lives. Jennifer is drawn to painting the plight of endangered animals and impoverished children, to remind the world of those whose existence is at the mercy of a hostile environment. They are dependent on humanity for survival. 
Jennifer’s art is currently on display in restaurants in downtown Denver and in the top gallery of Telluride, Colorado, from which Quentin Tarantino purchased one of her paintings. She was the poster artist for the Telluride Jazz Festival in 2014 and 2019. She has artwork on display at the Hotel St. Domaine in Lyon, France, as well as Traum Showroom in New York City.  Her next exhibition is at the International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris, France [...]

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