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I am a California-based artist working mostly in oils and pencil. I love realist still-life, portraiture, and figure drawing. 
My working life has been a winding journey there and back again - through a B.A from St. John's College in Santa Fe (the "Great Books School"), a Masters of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon, many years as an architect in a Tokyo firm, and a long period of stay-at-home parenthood in brownstone Brooklyn. All of this enriched the broth, and now I've come full circle back to what I loved most as a child: art. 
In Brooklyn I studied watercolor painting with Bonnie Steinsneider. Then in 2013 I moved the family back to my childhood home, beautiful Marin County, CA. I began a 5-year period of serious training at the Sadie Valeri Atelier in San Francisco, studying the methods of the Dutch and Renaissance masters. Now I am running and teaching at my own shared art studio in Portrero Hill, SF.

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