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Welcome to my website! I'm an artist, an educator, and the owner of Ferris Wheel Arts where I teach painting, rent studios to other artists, and hold open studios and other events.  Please sign up for my email list to get the latest on:

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My work involves constant invention and exploration.  Color energizes me, and so I want to use all the colors, and all the tools, and all the techniques. I want to play and pour paint and see the visions in my head come to life. At other times, I want to paint without a vision, and just see what comes out of me. I want to act, and then re-act, and continue working as if in a dance with the canvas and the paint. I give myself challenges, such as using all the leftover paint from the my students after a workshop on a single-session painting. I take on new, harder subjects, such as pet portraits. I take workshops to push myself to think differently. The process is what drives me.
I believe whole heartedly that "variety is the spice of life." I'm happiest when I am not on a schedule, and I can take life as it comes at me; when I give myself time to think and have ideas and then act on those ideas.  Many times painting concepts flood my mind way faster than I can get them on canvas.
Despite commercial pressures, I strive to be an artist on my own terms; to do my best work, and work that is authentically me. Accepting that there is no "magic formula" for succeeding financially as a fine art painter, that is the only way this journey will be a journey of joy.
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