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   Jennifer Dean Barnard was born in Charleston, West Virginia and grew up in Decatur, Alabama. A Georgia resident for thirty six years, she now resides on a farm in Free Home Georgia. Described as a Modern Impressionist with Abstract Flavor, her work centers on connecting to the unspeakable within everyday people and places. Using her imagination in painting to imply rather than explain, she conveys the love and beauty in a moment with space enough for the viewer to join the dance.
     Anne Blair Brown, Kevin Beilfuss, Susan Lyon and Qiang Huang are among her instructors. Mediums of oil, pastel, acrylic and mixed media are used in her pieces. Subjects range from pastoral scenes to figures and abstracts. Public and private collections hold many of her paintings. Through designing unique perspectives, expressive brushwork and lively color she creates energetic and evocative pieces.
      "We travel here (earth) together so briefly, so let's look at each day and begin something new." Jennifer says of the collaborative energy her art evokes. About painting barns, she writes "If I listen quietly enough, the laughter, neighs and hope whisper."  She invites you to look and listen with her.


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