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I like to think that my work represents a balance between logic and intuition. I often insert elements from the natural world, then morph them into abstraction. The encaustic paint is instrumental to my working process. It allows me to play with surface and illusion, to “build” an image instead of simply painting it. I “draw” into the wax with delicate tools, creating the intimacy of a notebook sketch while maintaining the solidity of fine art. The small scale of my work as well as the almost childlike form of abstraction are meant to establish intimacy between the viewer and the art. The subject of my images remains barely recognizable, while the paintings themselves each convey a distinct mood. Each work has its own unique rules and color scheme, and each one is a total entity. For this reason, it is difficult to define “series” in my work. Rather, I like to experiment with groupings of paintings to see how the works play off of each other and the works of other artists.

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