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Jelena Eros was born in Moscow, Russia. Her first art teacher was her father Boris Egorov, aircraft designer. She continued her art education with realist painter A. Motovilov. In 1971 she competed with thousands of other talented young people and after series of entry exams won a coveted place at the Faculty of Applied Art, Moscow University of Design and Technology, where she studied under renowned Russian Artists.
In 1973 Ms Eros was awarded an ‘Outstanding Student International Scholarship’, enabling her to continue her education at the Hungarian University of Art & Design in Budapest, Hungary, from where Jelena Eros has MFA in Men's and Women' Fashion Design.
In 1980 Ms. Eros was invited to work as a professor assistant at Moscow University of Design and Technology, at . Later Jelena Eros moved back to Budapest , where she worked as a Fashion Trend Coordinator, Fashion Designer, Lecturer and Illustrator for Hungarian Fashion Institute, Portrait Artist in Residence for Hungarian Medical Society, background painter for “Pannonia Film Studios” and was a freelance Artist and an Art Instructor.
Jelena Eros came to her Faith in God in 1990 in Christ Church, on the south coast of England, while visiting her friends. She considers that event the most important in her life.
Ms Eros moved to Great Britain in 1996, where she was asked to paint scenes from Ascot Race Courses, emphasizing decorative aspects of those spectacular events. Her popular “Hats” series have become [...]

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