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Jeff C. Zarinelli was born and raised in the suburbs of Saint Louis, Missouri.  From a very young age, he always had a passion for the arts.  Like many young children, Jeff started out with crayons and markers, but quickly developed his drawing skills after winning numerous school and state awards.  At the age of 9, he was one of the youngest students to win a scholarship to the Saint Louis Art Museum which was reserved for high school students.  It was at this museum where Jeff fell in love with the artist's of the baroque era especially the artwork of Caravaggio. 
Even though the great masters inspired Jeff to grow as an artist, his love of illustration and design granted him a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute, where he graduated with a double major of design and illustration. After 4 years of work in the design filed, Jeff decided to explore these old passions and started a small business by painting wall murals and eventually commissioned oil paintings.  As he progressed as an oil painter, he finally decided that it was time to start listening to his old passion for the "magic" of the old masters. Under the tutelage of renowned plain air painters M. Shawn Cornell and Joshua Bean, Jeff found his path as a studio painter which blended his love for nature photography, composition and (of course) the "chiaroscuro" technique of the Baroque period that fueled his passion so long ago.
Jeff moved to the Chicago area in 2017 where he now has a studio and teaches oil painting in the private sector.  Even as an educator, he humbly admits that he still has much to learn, knowing that the path of education and inspriation fuels the artistic flames in each of us.  He looks forward to [...]

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