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T. Jeff Williams, who works primarily with oil paints, takes inspiration for many of his paintings from two significant parts of his life: growing up in the National Parks of the West and spending years abroad as a foreign correspondent, mostly in Asia.
“Growing up and working in parks ranging from Death Valley to Mesa Verde to Yellowstone and others makes it natural for me to seek the romance of the outdoors,” he says.
Williams spent more than 10 years living and covering news throughout Asia, with particular time in Southeast Asia.
“Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam—everywhere is an endless tapestry of life that is often fraught with hardship and danger. Still, the people survive and even thrive. An innocent child’s smile, caught in the moment, can stay with you for a lifetime.”
His art training began with noted teacher and artist Olga Parr in Burlingame. He continues studying in Los Altos under Will Maller, a nationally known artist and signature member of both Oil Painters of America and International Plein Air Painters.
Williams’ paintings are part of several private collections. He lives in San Mateo.

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