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I am primarily a representational painter of things that touch me in some way - often landscapes, but increasingly cityscapes, people, animals, and everyday things as well.  While I've been inspired the most by the works of Cezanne and Sorolla, you really won't find a resemblance between their work and mine - I paint as the subject dictates to me, rather than trying to mimic or copy any particular style.I work mainly in heavy-body acrylics and often use a palette knife when painting because I like the unexpected things that happen when painting with a knife.  Often if I want to smooth something out or make an adjustment, my fingers come into play as well.
Of late I’ve also started drawing again, finding great joy in quick sketches as ways of living art when there’s not enough time for painting.
 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------I grew up in a family of scientists, taking academics very seriously and eventually earning a B.A. in physics and an M.S. in meteorology.  About the time that minicomputers were in the ascendance, I fell in love with computers because they allowed me to create (i.e. write programs) rather than "just" study and investigate.Then one day in my 40s I took a drawing class and discovered other ways of creating.  I proceeded to dabble in art as I could find time - first drawing, then watercolor, and finally in acrylic where I feel I've found my medium.Over time art has become more and more important to my life, and I've realized that it was always there - even in programming, where I never took the "engineering" approach.  Instead, I "paint" a program, striving for beauty in the same way I do when creating with acrylics.  

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