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Mr. Phillips is no stranger to oil painting or the necessary skills as a draftsman. Over the past 7 years he painted 24/7 due to an unfortunate life event. Before this period  he operated as a real estate developer and financier. As you carefully study his work your will see that he has a direct realism approach and always attempts to capture the essence of the subjects. He is as skillful in landscapes as in portraits with his superb. draftsmanship showing through. He usually sketches his drawings on canvas first. Most of his works are from photos he has taken and places he has traveled but some are from outside sources or his own design or conceptualization. He began his artistic studies as a Architectural student at the University of Florida while working as a draftsman many years ago. In between years he was a very successful real estate developer working closely with Architects and design personal in most of his developments including residential subdivisions, office building ,single family homes, patio and zero lot line homes. His Inspiration has come from studying works by John Singer Sargent  and he has painted his after versions of many of Sargent's works both oil and watercolors. He is just beginning to offer his works to the public but he has been painting portraits and landscapes on consignment for several years.
Associate Member:  Oil Painters of 1:17 good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.”

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