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  After graduating from Ringling School of Art , I set out on a long, windy adventurous journey to pursue art in the most creative and colorful form. I consider my genre to be classified as Unusual Fun Art .
My inspiration comes from my mother’s work ethics , Seinfeld’s humor, Red Grooms’s vision and Seth Mcfarland’s creative courage . Having the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by all the wonderful people I connect with through my art has been a therapeutic experience. Being inspired is an incredible gift.
My passion for creating unusual fun art is at an all-time high.  My creations are all made out of my new studio warehouse in Ormond beach , FL.  I can't express it enough , To surround yourself with humor and something you enjoy that keeps you moving forward in life. I am fortunate to have some of the most wonderful collectors support my art. I really enjoy traveling throughout the U.S. exhibiting at juried fine art shows selling and meeting new clients .  I ‘m also very grateful  to be represented by the Marietta Art of Whimsy Museum in Sarasota , Florida.  An amazing artful experience .  They now have 18 of my originals on display .   The one question I get often is who buys this kind of unusual fun art ?   Fun people.  If you create fun , you attract fun.  
An important word of encouragement for all the youngsters out there. Life is about getting from A to B. Everything in between is a learning experience , some times it’s up hill , then you might have to take a detour , of course you will hit a few pot holes and sometimes you might run in the ditch.  Just pick yourself up , love it , stay hungry [...]

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