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I have the highest admiration and respect for Jeff Horn
because he is among the very few artists today who truly understand the
technique of painting directly outdoors, or en plein-air.  Where
most artists paint landscapes in terms of objects bathed in natural light, Jeff
paints the light itself, in all its brilliance and fluidity.  Thus, his paintings are dynamic, full
of radiance and never stand still.

Jean Stern, Director, Irvine Museum


"I prefer to paint directly from nature and I love being outdoors where I can see, hear, feel, smell and even taste the scene around me. For me, the painting is a translation of nature and my experience of it. If I am successful, I take the viewer with me to feel the moment.
I believe good painting is not a slavish copy of visual details, but an emotional response to a moment in nature."

1988- 2007 Professor Emeritus of Drawing and Painting, Irvine Valley College

2017 - "Big Canyon Invitational" Best in Show
2015 - "Sunlight and Shadow" The Tradition of Plein Air Painting, Irvine Museum
2014 - "Then and Now" 100 years of Plein Air painting,  Irvine Museum
2012 - California Art Club "Saving Paradise", Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, Vermont
2012 - California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition, Autry Museum, Los Angeles Plein Air Magizine Award"Excellence in Painting"2010 - Sierra Foothills Conservancy Benefit Exhibition, Embarcadero, San Francisco 2010 - "Masterstrokes" Laguna Beach Museum of Art 2000 - 2012 Exhibitor, Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts 1999 - 20012 LPAPA Invitational Laguna Museum of Art "First Place, Quick Draw" 2000
1998 - 2012 - California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition, Pasadena Museum or California Art
2005 - Two Man Show - Jeff Horn and Gil Dellinger, Michael Zschoche Gallery
2004 - Oil Painters of America, Western Region Exhibition, Award of Excellence
2002 - Oil Painters of America, Award of Excellence- Catalogue
2003 - Canyon de Chelly, Group Show, Trailside Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2002 - San Luis Obispo Invitational, Third Place
2002 - "On Land and Sea" Two Man Show - Horn & Situ, Michael Zschoche Gallery
2000 - Los Angeles World Airports Exhibition
2000 - Sierra Pack Trip, Group Show, Exchange Gallery, Orange
1999 - "On Location in Malibu" CAC Exhibition Pepperdine University - Catalogue
1998 / [...]

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