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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $300.00 - $1,250.00
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Jeff is your typical "been drawing since a young age" artist who took a meandering path to where he is today. He started off drawing and coloring monsters and dinosaurs and being the class artist from 3rd grade to twelfth. He attended the University of New Mexico in the fine art program but it being the mid seventies the main emphasis was "being yourself" rather than learning the tools and techniques. Jeff did well but can't say he learned much from the experience. He has had many teachers through the years along with taking workshops. Jeff has painted comic book covers, book covers, posters, trading cards, commission pieces and was a video game artist and art director for over 20 years for Sega, Nintendo and Sony. When he wasn't doing an illustration or an assignment for work Jeff enjoyed painting landscapes in oils which made him realize that even when doing an illustration the setting was the most enjoyable part to paint.

Jeff considers himself a contemporary representational artist with a definitive idea of what he is trying to achieve in his paintings. Though he cites many influences from Frazetta to Hurley to Leffel and studies as well as enjoys the art of so many past and present artists he doesn't consciously want to imitate any particular one.
California Art Club "Mars:An Artistic Mission"
California Art Club "Welcome to California"
LAPAPA "Art and Nature"
San Diego Maritime Museum "Sea and Shore" 
California Art Club "Golden State Splendor"
California Art Club Exhibition at Millard Sheets Art Center, "The Plein Air Perspective"
Roux & Cyr International Fine Art Gallery "Passionate Color"
Museum of the Living Artist "Plein Air Show"
Museum of the Living Artist "C-Note Show"
Group show Gallery Nucleus
San Diego State Fair Fine Art Show 2005-2019




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