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Art should resonate with the soul, first and foremost of the artist, second to the observer.
I have been creating art for all of my life, from ceramics to woodcarving, to sculpture and drawing to painting and anything else I can get my hands on, if it involves creativity and it's a medium to express it then I'm on it. So much the better if it has a message, hidden layers of meaning that are there to discover for anyone willing to take time to engage with my work.
My art is an anthology of my own personal life experiences and the way that they relate to the human experience as a whole. I believe there are life lessons and principles that hold true for our generation, as well as past and future generations, my art is about the discovery and expression of these truths. This way I feel like I can relate to artists who have gone before and discovered the same truths, I am a link in the perpetual chain of the proliferation of these truths, I am tied to the past and future through that chain. All art in this sense is timeless.
I also just like to have fun creating, so sometimes my work is just about an idea that popped in my head and exists to be fun and whimsical.

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