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As an artist beginning later in life, Jeffery Sparks weaves years of observation and quiet wisdom into the unveiling of visual truth. The method of his description is in the brokenness of his visual idea, a way of abstracting shapes and applications into an ever-refining focus of a visual idea. Sparks' canvases can convey both an impressionistic and realistic aura. 
Sparks' skill lies in his ability to see beauty and truth in forms often overlooked. With a highly sensitive eye, he disassembles the obvious and reconstructs the subject into a broken, abstracted, visual idea that can reveal the beauty and truth of a subject more meaningfully. Like many great artists, he has the ability to generate beautiful fictions that reveal greater truth. This is the way of the broken brush. Perhaps it is for this reason that the artist is most intrigued by subjects that are unadorned, worn by time, and yet still possess a visual story to tell.

Sketching at the Dead Sea, Israel

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