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For me, art is both a creative and an intellectual exercise.  I enjoy learning the rules, the norms, and understanding art from a rational, cultural, and logical perspective.  I also enjoy experiencing the unbound freedom in artistic expression which often defies explanation.  It can be a spiritual practice... creating... a profound experience of present awareness without thought. 
I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Oregon in 1991.  I did some painting and drawing when I was younger, but took a long break before rediscovering these practices again later in life.   I paint using both acrylics and oils, and draw with charcoal and graphite.  I am mostly self-taught, occasionally taking classes, and learning by copying and studying the works of some of the masters. 
My style of painting is as varied as is my choice of subject.  I enjoy trying new techniques, genres, and subject matter.   I believe that the creation of art should be unconstrained and as free as possible.     My expression of art is an illustration of how I view reality at a specific point in time, not about developing a recognizable style or consistent subject matter.  

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