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Painting a picture is my way of sharing a moment with the viewer.  It could be a moment in time.  It could be sharing a moment of emotion. A moment of tension.  It could be a moment of intimacy.  Every painting I decide to do is about capturing a moment, a small space in time.  Every painting is a journey.  Each has its own story.  My goal is to share that moment with the viewer, invite them into the experience and hope they come away with I saw, or even better their own interpretation.   
With each journey I endeavor to take, it is a learning experience for me.  It helps me grow and mature as an artist.  What draws me to painting is the taking of a blank white surface and using the magic of paint colors to tell a story.  The initial fear of that blank space quickly dissipates when my mind and my hands work in conjunction with my brush or palette knife.  This is what gets my creative juices flowing every day as  I stand in front of my easel.  This is my passion, my driving force.  My desire to continually improve my passion is why I love doing this. 
I was born in Rhode Island, raised in a large family.  When I was nine or ten years old, I started to take an interest in drawing.  My mother was a very talented artist herself, but with raising her kids, it afforded little time for her to utilize her talents.  But as my interest started to blossom and I attempted to draw faces and being athletic, drawing sports action pictures, my mom was invaluable in her critique of my work and helping to understand the many nuances of correct drawing technique.  
I later went off to college looking to [...]

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