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Do you want the truth or something beautiful? The experiences that led me to become the artist I am today are too terrible for most people to hear. I was born into extreme violence and abuse. It’s all I knew and all I could see as far as my childhood sight could reach. My imagination was the only safe place. This was my introduction to art. I made beautiful places in my mind to escape the terrible things in my life.
As a teenager fighting to survive, I rebelled against the onslaught of attempts to destroy me by making art. No matter how worthless everyone in my life told me I was, no matter what current abuses I was suffering, I saw a different reality in my art. I began to see a possible escape as I inched toward adulthood and independence. I turned from self-destructive behaviors and began racing towards the dim light of freedom flickering in the distance. I graduated high school early when only a few short years before I was completely flunking public school and was kicked out of the Christian school that was supposed to reform me. I put myself through engineering courses at the community college working for $5 an hour. This was the closest thing I could find to art instruction in my area. I began applying for any job remotely related to my studies. At 18 I was hired as an engineer to design farm machinery and I continued my courses at night after work. 
So many times, I’ve thought I’d escaped my past. I married a person who followed the pattern I’d been raised with and every ounce of hard-earned freedom was quickly disposed of.  I began a 20-year abusive relationship. At the half-way point, after 10 years of begging for [...]

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