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I grew up pencil in hand in a remote mining town where we were very lucky to have a local artist to teach us kids oil painting. This delightful, eccentric lady, cigarette holder in hand and red lips a blazing, had us painting worn out miners boots and rusted out headframes - loved it! 
An artist's career was not in the cards however and it was not until retirement that I returned to my love of painting, immersing myself in one course and workshop after another to quickly rebuild my skills and get working. I still schlep my paints and brushes around in an old wooden box handmade by my grandfather when I was a kid and until it falls apart, this will be part of my gear.
I paint in vibrant colour and slip in texture wherever I can. Our magnificent country offers far too much beauty to not paint the world around me. I also do select portraits and have a collection of images of my children & now grand-children I paint when our harsh winters keep me inside.
I was juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2018, just a year and a half after returning to my art.  I am very proud to have been judged worthy of being a part of this venerable organization.

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