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I have loved beautiful places as long as I can remember. We camped in the woods as kids in California and went on trips to the beach and to the mountains as often as we could, I collected rocks, shells, moss as well as pretty pictures. Anything pretty! I started out copying pictures and greeting cards with whatever paints or chalk I had. Art takes hours  and hours of practice but I think we are born with the appreciation of it.
I was born in the actual Hollister, California, and grew up in Sunnyvale, part of Silicon Valley. Fruit orchards and family truck farms were taken over by massive buildings and parking lots, Little did we know how important those fledgling computers would be! I didn't take high school art classes because I didn"t want to do tye-dye anything. I took Journalism in college, admiring the beautiful magazines in the library, but ended up in newspaper work during my internship and the next few years.. I married and had my 2 wonderful children. About then came the nursing shortage so back to college I went. Art was definitely on the back burner!
About then I met a fun lady at church who painted for a hobby. We started painting together weekly and kept it up for about forteen years, taking workshops, selling at art fairs and entering art contests. We had some sucesses that kept us going. Still busy working as a nurse and painting when we could we had to move and she sadly passed away. 
I still love to paint, now almost exclusively with a palette knife. I like the texture and amount of paint I can get with the knife, and it helps me not get too "tight" with the images. I think of my style as "impressionistic realism".
I hope you [...]

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