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 Jeanne LaRae was born in Utah and lived in the Midwest and Northern California before returning to Utah in her High school years. She, then went on to get her Bachelor's degree in art at Utah State University.  During these HS years and to follow, Jeanne knew she would be a professional artist for life, both in illustration and fine art painting.

Jeanne has been an artist since the day a crayon was put into her hand and an art instructor in some form or another since childhood, always showing her family, friends and classmates how to draw or paint. She won many awards in High School including; Sterling Scholar in Art at Brighton HS, an honorable mention at the prestigious Springville Student salon, and the overall Art Award for her graduating class.

   Jeanne LaRae paints lasting memories (often on commission) of cherished travels, landscapes, people, animals, homes, historical places, and emotions in life.  She has become competitive in both an “Invitational” setting and Plein Air events and she is taking home awards that help people and organizations further their interest in collecting her art.

  Jeanne has surrounded herself in different facets of the art world, always keeping painting as a huge priority as well as owning and running her own gallery in Laguna Beach, CA, owning and directing her Architectural Rendering business and then adding teaching to her skills.
Her gallery is the only facet that she has left behind to dedicate herself sole to her painting.  
In May of 2009, Jeanne and her son moved back to Utah where she taught and continued her painting career in her Utah surroundings. After nine years and her Son's graduation, her adventuresome side caught up with her and she set out once again to find new and different surroundings... The Northwest.  Jeanne now lives in Southern Oregon, surrounded [...]

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