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I spend more time looking at thing than I do painting them. If you look at anything long enough it becomes beautiful.—Jeanne
   A friend once said to me, “Jeanne, you love to paint what’s in front of you.” This probably why my subjects are sometimes ordinary things. I once spent three months drawing and painting a pair of old sneakers.
   It never fails to astonish me, what I see, when I stand back and look at what has been translated from the subject onto paper or canvas.
   Willie Nelson has a song that begins: “Still is still moving to me…”
   When you look at your still life—or any subject—with intent, it feels alive to you and you must paint it that way. Parts of the painting are understated and others parts are expressed more forcefully because that’s the way it feels to me. It’s how you get the action into the painting.
   I want you to enjoy looking at my work. I want you to bring one of my paintings home with you, so I keep my prices reasonable. It’s important to me that people be able to have original art in their homes.
People have been telling me I need to beef up my artist profile. What is about to follow may be more ‘beef’ than the average person can swallow. I’ve spent a day or so thinking about my history with ‘art’. It’s spotty, at best. When I was in my late teens, out of high school, I heard that Lydia Pinkham—she of “Lydia Pinkham’s Pink Pills for Ladies” had died. I was so moved by this that I created a series of pen and ink drawings called “Lydia Pinkham Enters Heaven”. My friend, Henry Summers, took these to our [...]

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