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I’ve always loved creativity in all its forms, but was especially drawn to painting at an early age.
So how did I end up with a degree in journalism instead of fine art?  Who knows?  Art was put on hold in college and through years of jobs, marriage, and motherhood.  But I always knew deep down that when fate presented itself, I would pick up that paintbrush again.
And I have.  Along with gray hair, retirement has brought me considerable opportunity to take art classes and grow into a serious artist. Several years ago, I painted a picture of my mother and our dog from a photo I had taken in college.  I was hooked! 
I have focused on painting portraits since then and I absolutely love it.  There is so much beauty and character and, yes, soul, in the human face and it is a joy when it all comes together in a painting.  Children are especially fun to paint, and I’ve had plenty of practice painting my two young grandsons, among others.
I don’t have umpteen art degrees with initials after my name, but I can paint a mean likeness (and will be happy to show you the original photo for any of my portraits so you can see for yourself).  An intuitive counselor advised me a couple of years ago that as painting portraits of people brings me happiness and fulfillment, I should do it for others.  
So I do. If you are interested in having a portrait painted of yourself or a loved one, please contact me at [email protected] for a price list and free estimate.  I work from photographs so can work with you no matter where you live.
I am currently a member of the Williamsburg (Virginia) Portrait Guild, the Williamsburg Contemporary Art Center, and the Portrait Society of America.

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