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    Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, raised in its suburbs, and educated at Philadelphia's University of the Arts, the Memphis College of Art, (BFA) and the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, (Mural Certificate) Jeanne Guerin-Daley has been portioning her time between several art mediums including: murals, acrylic, watercolor, and pastel paintings, cyanotypes and other special projects. This has allowed maximum experimentation on a variety of levels to occur. Whatever the medium, Jeanne chooses to focus most of her art on representational images from nature.
Jeanne's Artist Statement
    There is so much to discover in this world of ours. Since childhood I have been a nature and animal lover. I was always fascinated and intrigued by the changing colors of the Fall leaves, the foggy site of faraway mountains, the immense variety of plants and creatures on this earth.
    "Our natural world has a way of hurling me into another time and place where wonder and emotion are important and magical. In my art I try to express the inspiration and emotions that I feel when observing the world around me. Using a variety of mediums I attempt to make representational pictures of our natural world that exude a particular mood or feeling. Whether the subject is a portrait of one's pet, the study of a tree or a simple flower blossom,  I try to celebrate and share with the viewer, the wonders and richness of nature.

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