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Jeanne was born in Southern California in 1950. She had an interest in art and music as long as she can remember, but in her younger years music seemed to be the winner. She began playing piano at age 6 and at age 13, finally, after years of begging, her parents bought her a guitar, which became a consuming passion for years. Before leaving California, she did take some foundation art classes at a local college. At the age of 18 Jeanne relocated to Hawaii and explored living the natural lifestyle for years on Maui, Kauai'i and finally settling on the Big Island. There she studied music at UH Hilo. She studied the bass with Dr. George Durham, who was Dizzy Gilespie's bass player "back in the day." Jeanne worked in the real estate business there, and for years, she also played bass and guitar with several different bands in clubs, hotels, fairs, and festivals. 
In the mid 1980's a friend from Hawaii moved to Juneau, Alaska. Jeanne went up for a visit and decided it was time for a change. She moved to Alaska in 1985, started working for a real estate company again and was active as a bass and guitar player once again. She always preferred more "hands on" type of work and eventually opened a small art framing business. The beauty and magic of the art that was coming into her shop rekindled her old love of art. In 1989 she attended a week-long artist symposium up in the mountains near Big Timber, Montana. John Seerie-Lester was the featured artist. It was a real inspiration. In 1991 she attended the Ultimate Yellowstone Art Symposium, which was hosted by some of the popular artists of that time: John Seerie-Lester, Allan Hunt, Carl Brenders, Mort Solberg, Nancy Taylor-Stonington and [...]

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