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As early as I can remember I wanted to be drawing or painting or sculpting. Very early I started creating goals for myself. 
As goals were reached I found new and more difficult ones. I would skip school in high school because I was falling behind in my drawing goals and spend the stolen school days alone at a park or library drawing. Getting better is still one of the things that drives me daily. Attending the Florence Academy of Art in 2002 for the summer program lit a fire in me as I encountered other artists who worked the same way.
I continue to grow in several directions at once:
My portrait work has been a lifelong passion.
The landscape and botanical drawing first grew out of drawing "corn" in all of its phases of growth in Illinois while growing up. And has continued to expand most recently to skies.
Conceptual artwork that I create involves my own psychological 
states, and feelings that I recreate as closely as possible to express and share myself.
Painting work is primarily oil. My drawing work includes most dry media; primarily charcoal, white charcoal, sanguine, pencil, and ink.
Print work is etching, solar prints from original drawings, linoleum and wood block and oil monotype.
My sculptural work presently includes clay, plaster, and found objects.
My ideas precede the choice of materials I choose to use to recreate my ideas.

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