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"Painting the mood"


Painting with Emotion!  During my early education, I was privileged to have an excellent teacher.  She was a watercolorist but had extensive knowledge of all media as well as basic drawing and design skills.  I studied under her for four years and received an art scholarship to continue my studies.  I focused on painting in oil and took workshops from several professional artists in the area.  While enjoying some success as an artist, I left the world of art for a number of years to return to school and  received a BS in Computer Science.   I worked the next 25 years in the Aerospace Industry as a Satellite Software Engineer.  In 2004 I retired and immediately resumed my heart's desire, painting.   
Initially I tried my hand in watercolor.  Finding watercolor very frustrating, I began working in acrylic on paper.  I can apply my oil techniques but remain in a watermedia medium.  I am quite active in one of the watermedia societies in my area and have great opportunities to exhibit my watermedia paintings.    I focus on landscapes, portraits and sometimes collage.  I paint in a realistic style and always try to make my paintings convey a feeling of mood.   I am a studio painter, painting from my own photographs in most cases.  
I am a member of the  International Society of Acrylic Painters,  and the Mountain Artist Guild in Prescott, AZ.   
I enjoy the quiet of my studio or the studio filled my favorite music from many genre.   I continue to learn and grow with each painting.  It has been said of me that "I am a poetic painter."   I focus on capturing a mood; telling a story; sharing a special place with you, the viewer.   For further information, contact [email protected] or www.fineartstudioonline.com/jeannedecampos-rousseau 

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