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Born in Princeton, NJ, Jeanne Casciola spent her early career in Philadelphia as a reading teacher. She loved helping children access and make meaning from the printed word, and in her spare time she found artistic outlets in taking photographs and playing the piano.
When Jeanne moved to the Boston area in 2007, she decided that if she could teach people how to read, she, in turn, could be taught how to draw. Jeanne studied drawing in studio classes at the Danforth Art School in Framingham, MA, then moved into pastel painting. Over the next nine years she studied with Jeanne Rosier Smith in both studio and plein air classes. Workshops with artists Alene Ordman, Barbara Jaenicke, Stan Sperlak, Liz Haywood-Sullivan and Doug Tweddale have also contributed to Jeanne’s understanding of technique and her appreciation for the medium of pastels.
 During her studies, Jeanne came to realize that her true passion is landscape painting. Most of her works are emotional responses to her immediate environment—wherever she may find herself. The abundance of natural, undisturbed forests, farms, fields and marshlands in eastern Massachusetts and on the New England coast provide endless inspiration for Jeanne. As a counterpoint, Jeanne also paints landscapes of the desert southwest on regular trips to Arizona.
 Interpreting and simplifying nature’s complex light patterns and textures give her work a quality of calm and serenity. As Jeanne describes her sense of place through her art, architectural features are often subordinate to atmosphere and mood.
Jeanne is drawn to pastels because of their versatility. She finds that pastels provide the pure pigment and layering possibilities that allow her to create depth and drama on location. She uses an underpainting of wet pastel or watercolor and tends to avoid blending dry pastel, choosing instead to layer or juxtapose color on sanded surfaces. Her style tends [...]

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