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Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister
It’s been said that life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
Driven by an insatiable curiosity (OK. Some call it nosiness) and a sense of wonder about the world around me, I have loved capturing moments since picking up my first camera decades ago. 
I grew up on the Texas coast with two brothers who shared a love for adventure and exploration. Saltwater and the rhythms of nature are in my blood; so is a passion for exploration, which often leads me in new creative directions in my photography and mixed media art.
We lived for a few years in Italy. It was a life-changing experience that greatly expanded my horizons and instilled a lifelong passion for travel, which is often reflected in my art and photography. 
Much of what I’ve learned about art came from my mother, who was an accomplished watercolor artist. She taught me to pay attention and really notice things: how the light dances on the water as the sun goes down, how children play with a joyfulness that adults have often abandoned, how the Italians savor life surrounded by family, wine, pasta, and jaw-dropping beauty. Now, that’s living!
When I take a photograph or create a painting, it’s part of my story. But I hope that something resonates with you as you look at my work and reminds you of your story, too. 

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