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Artist Biography
Jean Kondek paints in oils. Her focus is plein air and ranges from traditional to contemporary. She moved to New Mexico and took up her brushes full time after leaving a successful career as an advertising creative director and copywriter in New York City and New Jersey. Since she has always drawn, and even went to art high school, becoming an artist seemed predestined.
What did come as a surprise was her discovery of plein air painting. "That was amazing. I've always been an outdoor person, and I had always wanted to paint. Realizing that I could do both at the same time was life changing!" So now you'll find her painting outdoors in most weather, and attending classes -- or at her Harwood Art Center studio – but only when it gets cold. Really, really cold.
Artist Statement
"As an artist, I paint for the sheer physical pleasure of putting paint on canvas. I paint outdoors because it intensifies my perceptions and puts me in a place where all things vibrate with life and amazing nuances. And I paint to capture this feeling and share it on to others.
I want them to feel the light and shadow as it filters through leaves, or crosses a winter meadow. I want to point out nature’s mood swings and the vast number of colors found in every natural shape and form.  If a backlit tree feels purple, if a sky seems pink, if a winter bush has six shades of blue, or an October river flows copper, I want to bring it all to others… not literally but as an emotion, an energy, a moment of delight.
When a painting of mine does this, I feel I've done my job.”


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