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I’ve never thought of my own life experiences as truly unique as so often life held only the mundane, and it seemed inescapable. Yet, somehow there was more.  I  saw beauty; beauty that begged to be captured.
There have been many incredible influences propelling me forward in my artistic endeavors; however, there is one whose influence I seem to have carried most in my experiences as an artist.  Ruth Van Sickle Ford, former president of the  Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, taught me to paint beyond what I see.  She also taught me to laugh at myself, a lesson that would stay with me as time wore on and walls seemed to build around my dreams.
Through the years, no matter where I lived, the snowy beauty of  northern Wisconsin, the golden corn fields of  Illinois, life in the deep south in Mississippi,  sunny Florida, and now beautiful Charleston, SC all continue to inspire me.
Once brewing, now bursting forth in vibrant drama-- I am possessed with creative energy. Whether holding a brush, a pen, or simply creating from my own ten fingers; I was, I am, and I always will be an artist.

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