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Jeanie Bates has been painting since receiving her Bachelors' in art. She is a native Oregonian. Inspiration comes naturally living in the Pacific Northwest. This has strongly influenced the content, and colors in the images she paints. Her first trees and landscapes were painted in high school art classes. While completing art school she experimented in different mediums.   However, in the last years, her work has been exclusively in oil. Her work is primarily representational landscapes, nature's constant transitions and still life's. Some of these paintings provide detail, texture, accuracy, and intimacy of the subject, while other compositions have the vastness of the sky and the air that surrounds it. Her style has continued to grow and evolve.
In the early 1990s, Jeanie was sculpting the human form in textiles. As her work became more sophisticated, she was in several invitational exhibitions and shows, with annual shows in Chicago and New York.
After a dramatic life change, she returned to school in 2003 to finish her degree. During that time she had the opportunity to attend a term of school in Florence, Italy, finally receiving a Bachelor of Science, in Art, from Portland State University in 2005.
Jeanie is a member of the American Women Artist. She lives and works in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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