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Jean Francois Paris, MFA – Bio
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Jean Francois Paris was born and raised in Paris, France.  
In 1975, Jean-Francois graduated from Paris’ acclaimed University Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs (Advanced School of Applied Arts) with a Master’s Degree and Diploma in Fine & Decorative Arts. In 1982 he Graduated the Airbrush Specialist Course, in Geneva, Switzerland.  Later he went on to graduate from the art-world’s distinguished Libby Berry Academy in Whidby Island, Washington. His study with Libby Berry concentrated on learning and using Leonardo DaVinci's oil techniques.
His works have been shown and sold at exhibitions and in galleries in France, Switzerland, England, Sweden and the U.S. His work is currently in the Gallerie of Fine Art, Stockholm, Sweden.
He also creates commissioned pieces for private collectors.
Jean-Francois employs complicated Old Master and contemporary techniques to transform simple observations about life into magical ones.  He makes use of the ‘Golden Ratio’ used by Leonardo DaVinci in some of his paintings.  Equally versed in Oils, Acrylics and Watercolor, he uses the best medium to paint each composition and subject and utilizes special airbrush techniques for the atmosphere of the piece he is creating.
 His contemporary impressionistic paintings are full of life, joy and motion.  When he paints, his attention is on the changing qualities of the light and colors in the environment.  His paintings' visual effects are influenced by his favorite artists, William Turner and Claude Monet.
Being classically trained in realism and being a horse rider he has a love of nature and animals. Because of this, he also completely enjoys painting realistic portraits of animals.  In his animal portraits he captures the beauty, intelligence and emotion of the eyes of each of his  subjects. 
Jean-Francois has traveled extensively across Europe and lived in several U.S. cities. He became a United States Citizen in 2017 [...]

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