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Born in York, I now live in the heart of highland Perthshire, but admit that some of my greatest artistic inspiration comes from a very different part of the Scottish landscape.
From my first visit to Ardnamurchan and the West Coast in 1990 I fell in love with the landscape, light and colour there, and these have been at the center of my creative output ever since. I have Scottish roots through my father's family and came back to live north of the border over 20 years ago. 
My love of art stems from childhood but it wasn't until much later that I became an active artist.
When an earlier back injury deteriorated, oddly enough this gave me the impetus to rekindle my old love! An intensive fine art training followed and simultaneously I began to develop my own style. My subjects focus on the raw beauty of some of the remotest areas in Scotland and beyond, and I'm well known in the art world for my energetic and sculptural use of paint. It has often been remarked that my work displays a keen eye for detail and a sheer joy of application. I've worked in a variety of media and my trademark is strong and bold colour combined with energy, light and atmosphere. My main influences are the Scottish colourists and some of the German expressionists and, of course, Van Gogh for his love of yellow and use of thickly applied and textured paint.
My work is popular both here in the UK and abroad,  and is represented in many private and corporate collections throughout the world. As a result of a growing market I produced my first two limited edition prints in 1993, and many more have followed. These sell widely throughout the U.K and abroad. Contact me for how to view these.
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